About us

"Seva" LTD was built 1994 in the town of Rudozem. Since 1998 the company’s activity is production of hip jam, pine elixir (pine honey) - from pine acmes; fruit preserves; jellies and jams of highest quality. The priority of the company is making products from wild fruits and herbs; jams and fruit preserves with whole fruits as well as diabetic (dietary) fruit preserves (without sugar). The production enterprise is located in the village Ravninata, which is at 1100 m above the sea-level, in the heart of Rhodope Mountains, about 50 km away from the favorite resort Pamporovo, between the towns of Rudozem and Smolian and about a 30 km away from the Greek border. The region develops into a tourists’ center – see www.rudozem.info. Our enterprise is located in the middle of an eco-path that is basic in tourists’ routes

The wild fruits - hips, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, apples, cornels, plums, small pine acmes, are picked from the higher places of the mountain, and the other - strawberries, aronia, cherries, quinces are grown in countryside close to the enterprise, which is a guarantee for the ecological character of the products.

The basic concept in our technology are the old Rhodopian recipes. For that reason the organizers of Princess Kalina’s wedding had chosen our blueberry jam as dessert for their worldwide guests.

Our goal is to be affirmed as a model of small enterprise that can produce first of all unique ecological products with fruits from the Rhodope Mountains.

The main index for us is quality. The quantities will depend on the consumers’ preferences and the opportunities for supplying of quality fruits.

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